Smooth and fast customs clearance after Brexit


according to the Hungarian customs authorities' requirements

Importing from the UK to HU needs

- EORI reg. no. /Economic Operators' Registration and Identification no./ from NAV /Hungarian Tax and Customs Authority/

- proper invoice (data of sender, consignee, description of goods, value, gross net weight) and proper shipping documents /send all in advance to the customs agent/

- proof of origin declaration /if possible/ (declaration of seller that the goods are originated from the EU or UK, with exactly the same text as it in the published international convention for duty-free payment)

- a Po A for the customs agent

- the amount of VAT and customs duty payable can be assessed by the agent, it is advisable to transfer in advance to the customs authorities bank account

- needs a T-document from a forwarder company (shipping
transit doc and security)


- proper invoice and other documents, T-note, EORI reg no. as for import

- Exporter Registration no. from NAV if the delivery is above EUR 6,000

Cooperation with a customs agency possessing special licenses - as System-Controll - 0 VAT payment can be gained. /With proof of origin 0 duty as well so 0 money movement in total./ Also, the consignment can go directly between the departure and arrival sites without contacting the authorities physically. This ensures smooth and quick delivery, avoiding loss of time and money. 

For further details please contact us

About the UK practice please be informed from your
customs agency in the UK!