Certificates and authorizations

All relevant certificates and authorizations for the service required

To ensure that our customers can have access to the imported goods as quickly as possible and for the exported products to leave on time, we possess the customs licenses as follows:

AEO - this is a comprehensive permit issued as a result of an inspection covering practically the entire activity of our company. In this context, it was examined that we fully comply with all our obligations related to customs and tax payments, that our economic and financial processes are transparent, that we have the appropriate expertise to carry out customs procedures, and so on.

Authorized consignee permission - this permission allows vehicles transporting goods from 3rd country without entering the customs office to carry out the customs procedure, vehicles can arrive directly at the transport address and enables to report the arrival of the vehicle to the customs office electronically.

Permission to operate a temporary storage facility - this can easily be called a technical warehouse, which serves to store the received customs goods in this warehouse until they are cleared through customs - released for free circulation.

Declarant registration authorization - allows a fast customs clearance procedure without the presence of the excise officer. During the authorization, the customs authority already examines the range of products to be cleared (tariff heading), the place of customs clearance, so that when the specific customs procedure takes place, only the system itself "works" and "performs" the customs clearance.

A "declarant" authorization is accompanied by a deferred customs authorization. Deferred payment of duty means that the customs goods received are released by the authorities after customs clearance in such a way that the duty has not been paid yet, but It's due until the 16th day following the month in question only.

We have two permits for which a security must be provided. These two guarantees are covered by the comprehensive guarantee license.

Self-assessment permit allows us to fulfil our obligation to pay levied VAT on imports by means of a declaration, i.e. it ensures not to pay VAT immediately when the customs goods are released for free circulation. If the customer transfers the right to deduct VAT to System-Controll Kft., VAT will not be paid.