Customs clearance from January 2021


Customs clearance from January, no delay to be prepared 

by Eva Veronika Lorincz

It is unpredictible whether the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union will end with an agreement or without in the present tight month, but it's sure that from January all goods will have to be cleared through customs, this means that all products comes from the UK or dispatched there shall be placed under a customs clearance procedure. It is time to prepare NOW in order to be able to avoid disruptions, financial losses, time loss and to ensure the continuity of the movement of goods. How can parties concerned be prepared for this challenge?

First of all, it is essential to possess an EORI or VPID number that can be requested from the customs authorities in advance (if you do not already have one).

Notifying the tax and customs authorities of the right of representation/PoA with the customs agent chosen makes life easier in regular trading activities. This exempt the parties from justifying the authorization for each and every customs procedure.

It is essential to know the amount of customs duties that will be levied in the country of destination on the specific types of goods to be cleared through customs. Without an agreement between the UK and the EU most of the products will be subject to customs duties. However, there will be an obligation to pay VAT for sure regardless whether an agreement will take place or not and that is 27 % in Hungary.

The preparation needed is time consuming and involves a significant administrative burden, so it is recommended to all responsible executives to be prepared now, because we are in the 24th hour!

Brexit raises a number of other issues as well fe. the origin of goods, however, these problematic questions are not covered by the present informative.

System-Controll Customs Agency serves You with experience of 3 decades. Our company possesses all the licenses and permits necessary to simplify processes and payment obligations significantly with customs authorities. We work out personalized constructions in each case, giving the opportunity to e.g.

- customs clearance at express speed, without the presence of the customs authorities,

- we can take over the VAT payment from our customers,

- our customers can fulfill the duty payment obligation with a 1-month deferral/delay.

Time is money! The cost of customs administration is only a tiny fraction of the cost of the expected downtime!

We are waiting for your application and questions by e-mail: 

Dr. Rita Horváth, Managing Director

System-Controll Customs Agency